Creating new instruments
Mirecourt, the cradle of French instrument craftmaking, is where Caroline studied the design and carving of string instruments under the discerning eye of Master Craftsmaker Jean-Jacques Pagés. Now a master carver in her own right, imparting newly crafted instruments with superb sound is the task she takes most seriously.
   Instrument repair
As with any object that is used often, string instruments are also subject to wear and tear. Whether the pegs squeak, the fingerboard rattles or the varnish is coming off, your instrument will be expertly repaired in Caroline's studio.
   Fine tuning
Helping musicians find “the right tone” with their instruments is always an exciting and fascinating task. It takes a good ear, long experience, and the right touch to bring together a perfect, singular match.
   Instrument restoration
Even the finest made instrument can suffer a mishap, and that's where Caroline's expertise comes to the rescue. The damage – whether old or new – will be repaired and the instrument restored as far as possible to its original state.